Thursday, 21 June

13:00-14:00    Tea, coffee and sandwiches upon arrival

14:00 - 16:20   Session 1
Chair: Nigel Badnell, University of Strathclyde, UK

14:00   Opening remarks

14:10   (Invited) Photoelectron spectroscopy in liquid microjets
Helen Fielding, University College London, UK

15:00   Near-threshold ionization of argon by positron impact
Tamara Babij, Australian National University, Australia

15:20   A laser photoelectron spectroscopy and computational study of the super-atom molecular orbital studies of  Li@C60
Minas Stefanou, University of Edinburgh, UK

15:40   Time dependence in non-Hermitian quantum systems
Thomas Frith, City, University of London, UK

16:00   Positronium production in a transmission geometry
Lokesh Gurung, University College London, UK

16:20   Tea and Coffee

16:50 - 18:30   Session 2
Chair: Jimena Gorfinkiel, Open University, UK

16:50   (Invited) Photoelectron spectroscopy with high harmonics: source developments and applications
Emma Springate, Central Laser Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

17:40   Coulomb-distorted quantum orbits in photoelectron holography
Andrew Maxwell, University College London, UK

18:00   One molecule, two pathways: imaging of impulsive and statistical fragmentation after electron impact of CF3I
Hansjochen Köckert, University of Oxford, UK

18:20   Collisions of free radicals important in astrophysical chemistry
Sarantos Marinakis, Queen Mary University of London, UK

18:40-19:40   Poster session

20:15 - 22:30   Conference Dinner

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline
    25 May 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    14 June 2018